@great matesript

sometimes i really love 

you are precious human being 

you better read this sappy thingamajig

when youre done being dead and stuff 

2 years ago on 10.02.12

can i just casually ask about your bac at the time of these messages 

tbh though ive missed these 

i cant believe you reached the ask limit UR RIDICULOUS

like the dumbest kind of ridiculous

thats a little kawaii almost

i havent tried listening to the tune yet though ill do that soon

all this aka i love you to death assbutt

2 years ago on 05.23.12


    spelling whole words out is for chumps

    arent you the shipping master here anyway

    you got your homestuck degree 


    ok well i say were red

    but we present as black

    because were stupid fucks

    who cant express their ~true feelins~

    hows that for a shipping manifesto

    channeling my inner karkat here for you

    should i draw a shitty mspaint diagram

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2 years ago on 03.28.12   ★ 1 notes